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Anti-Gym concept, Miha Bodytec Electrostimulation technology
Weight loss – Sports performance – health, fun and well-being
Fast results in 20 min



The new Mihabodytec technology is revolutionizing the gym and the fitness world.

Faster, more efficient and accessible work for everyone! We have created for you a premium and innovative gym specialized in EMS to achieve rapid results: weight loss, toning, bodybuilding, health, well-being, sports performance.

In just 20 minutes of exercise you will achieve the equivalent of 4 hours of muscle contraction. You will work 8 muscle groups simultaneously to obtain rapid results in 20 min.

The voluntary contraction together with the electrostimulation technology will lead to lasting results on the whole body. The training is progressive and varies between 1 and 2 sessions per week depending on your profile and your goals.

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WePulse is revolutionising the fitness world with an innovative muscle contraction method

The Mihabodytec programme involves 20-minute private coaching sessions which are the equivalent of 4 hours of stimulation. All our coaches are trained and qualified in EMS technology (Electro Myo Stimulation).

The goal: to provide targeted sessions that will get you results fast. The results – toning, weight loss, muscle gain – can be seen from the first couple of sessions.

Training is suitable for beginners right up to high level athletes.

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One free no-commitment trial session 

We are pleased to offer you a complimentary trial session, followed by a personal assessment..

Your Action Sport coach will be by your side throughout the session to show you voluntary muscle contraction and the movements and postures to adopt.

Your very own changing room/shower is available so you can enjoy your time (includes towel, range of Clarins products, hair dryer).

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Unique, premium service

Our studios offer you a friendly, wide and top-of-the-range service :




Welcome staff at your disposal

Private changing room/shower with towel

Complimentary range of Clarins products (shower gel and shampoo)


Hire and maintenance of your EMS training clothing

Bilingual coaches (French and English)

Latest generation equipment

A detox bar serving a selection of fresh fruit juices and healthy snacks


Not to mention FitQuest, a one-of-a-kind machine that evaluates your body composition as well as your physique properties so we can closely monitor your progress.

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